Star Quality Private Investigations Richmond Hill

Star Quality Private Investigations is a female-owned private investigation company in Richmond Hill. They help individuals & families as well as small and large businesses. The company has a great deal of experience and has dealt with many cases ranging in diversity. They deliver quick and efficient results in their private investigation cases. They have several locations in Ontario.

Star Quality Private Investigations provides a multitude of services. They can perform background checks, help with child custody cases, search for missing persons, investigate if someone has an alcohol, drug or gambling addiction, perform GPS tracking, monitor the welfare of children or the elderly and so much more.

They can also check for questionable behaviour, investigate employees to see if they are faking an injury or illness, provide testimony in court, check someone’s social media, perform surveillance operations, investigate infidelity and even more. They also keep clients updated with reports, photo or video evidence.

Star Quality Private Investigations is a private investigator located in Richmond Hill.
9225 Leslie St, Suite 201, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3H6
(416) 884-5100

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