Skookum is a firm of problem solving engineers, designers and strategists who are passionate about helping their clients develop new ideas and new products so they can grow their businesses, and move forward. They have an office in Charlotte, North Carolina, and they are ready to take up new challenges.


Location: 201 S Tryon St #1500, Charlotte, NC 28202, USA

Phone: (704) 930-7444



It all started more than a decade ago, when two friends decided to leave their jobs and take a leap of faith together. They founded Skookum because they wanted to collaborate with innovative clients by helping them find fresh solutions to some of the problems they were facing.


The whole team believes in embracing change, experimenting, taking calculated risks, and learning every step of the way. They also believe simplified solutions are the best ones; there is no point in waiting tomorrow to do something you could do right now.


Prototyping is essential if you want to avoid wasting precious time, energy, and money. Skookum will do what it takes to help you validate your ideas, and improve them until they are just right. They will also help you determine whether you should build your new product yourself, or hire a third party to build it for you.

Software development is one of the things Skookum does best. As long as you have a software or application idea, their team can work with you to make it come true, from the beginning to the end of the creation process.