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There is a quote “knowledge is power”. Education has a very important role to play in one’s life. It broadens our horizon and gives a better and wider perspective of the world. It is the basis of civilized and structured society. These days the tuition fee is increasing every year at a rapid pace or we could say exponentially. It is difficult for a middle class man whose monthly income is average to afford his children’s education expenditure plus the mortgage and much other expenditure.

It is better to start saving from the beginning. This is where the heritage education funds help you out in saving some money. We aim to serve you to the best of our capability. We see the brighter future which education will bring. This is why we have given such importance to education. It has been over 50 years since we established this frim and helped so many students in their higher education period. We provide counselling and guide them at every step. One of the major plans is Registered Education savings plan. This helps you save the right amount with some added benefits.

With our help you will have a clear vision and in depth knowledge of the various aspects of RESP and how to handle them. Our experts will help you in every step of the procedure to sign up to this program. They also have an updated database which will help to access the information most useful to you. Preparation and gathering data are essential for any saving plans, RESP is no different. You can get all the information on our website and you can consult us at any time. We believe in helping the people and look forward to a brighter tomorrow. By choosing our firm you will always be prepared for the coming college expenditures.

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