Floré Canadian Incense

Floré Canadian Incense has a wide selection of incense sticks. The company also accepts burners to catch the ashes. These are all very attractively designed with carvings that will catch your eye. They have wooden incense burners, soapstone incense burners and even brass cone burners.

They also sell Existential Hippy Burners. These are a little more expensive and are round in shape with hand carvings. These are made in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Most of their Existential Hippy Burners go for $60. The carvings can include animal life such as dragonflies, elephants and seahorses, stars, moon crescents and more.

While it is generally safe, if you have some existing medical conditions, check with your doctor first before using incenses. Also, if you have pets, see how they react. You can also ask your vet. Always monitor yourself and others, including pets.

Floré Canadian Incense is an incense supplier located in Toronto.
1442 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J 1N4
(416) 466-0609